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Preferred Poly custom poly protection envelopes & sleeves

How can plastic sleeves help you?

The problems with document organization and protection that plastic sleeves can solve.

Plastic Document Sleeves:  Problems and Solutions

Although they are a seemingly simple product, plastic document sleeves can solve a range of problems across various industries. Preferred Poly Products specializes in custom card sleeves, envelopes, and other products to meet your company's specific needs.

Document Protection/Document Preservation

In some industries, field employees must be able to transport and read work orders and other important documents in various weather conditions. Without a way to protect these documents, they could end up damp, torn, and in disarray.

Our Solution

Our solution is an effective and affordable option for document security. Customized plastic document protection solutions ensure that workers can safely transport, read, and understand work orders, contracts, specifications, and other essential documents. 


We fabricate these plastic document sleeves using clear or colored poly to make your papers as easy to read or obscured as you want them to be.

Document Archiving / Archival Preservation Concerns

Sensitive and historical documents can be damaged over time due to exposure to the air and other elements. Many traditional plastic sheet protectors are made of vinyl that can cause the ink to lift from the page and stick to the plastic.  Using protective plastic sleeves or, in this case, an archival sleeve for important or valuable documents, prints and collectibles can provide peace of mind.  These kinds of acid-free sleeves help to preserve a collection better than a standard store-bought sheet protector.  An archival print sleeve can be a connoisseur's best friend, especially if you have a long-term investment of time and money into specially printed items, documents or some other collectible.  

Our Solution

The process of preserving documents has been made significantly easier and more effective, thanks to the availability of archival document sleeves. We make these plastic sleeves with materials guaranteed not to stick to papers or cause lifting.  These non-stick qualities make our acid-free sleeves ideal for almost any archival, print-based application.  Compared to other archival sleeves, our custom-sized options are hard to surpass.


Our methods and materials ensure that documents remain held in their original states (or as close as possible to their original forms). Additionally, our protective coverings protect papers from weather conditions, dirt, and oil.

Bespoke Customization

Businesses produce documents, cards, brochures, and other printed products in an array of sizes and shapes. When these companies search for “off the shelf” solutions for plastic envelopes, they may not find anything that works for them. The only option is to buy bulky, oversized plastic sheet protectors.

Our Solution

Preferred Poly Products can fabricate custom card sleeves, envelopes, sheet protectors, and similar fully customized products in any shape or size for any need.


Additionally, it is possible to create plastic card sleeves, envelopes, and archival document sleeves using clear plastic or a selection of colors.


For example, a document sleeve with a clear front and colored back ensures the first page of documents is visible while the rest are secured. We even offer a mix of clear and color sides.

Document Organization

Important paperwork is often difficult to find or distribute properly. As a result, things may be lost, damaged, or misrouted. Traditional methods for storing documents in an organized manner leave a lot to be desired.

Our Solution

Customized plastic sheet protectors, envelopes, and other protective sleeves don’t just provide document protection. They keep related documents together. 


For example, you can use document sleeves to hold customer or employee records in a single location that gives those with authority the ability to access all materials at once.


In addition to this, our protective document covers come in different colors. This allows businesses to create color-coding systems that improve access and distribution processes.

Card Organization and Protection

A company may produce and distribute various cards in various shapes and sizes. These need to be kept safe and accessible. Unfortunately, these items are frequently lost or damaged without an easy-to-use, affordable option for organization and protection. 


Many of the plastic card sleeves that are available only fit a particular size. These don’t work for many items, such as business cards made in custom shapes or sizes, scorecards, or immunization records. The only options are to leave these items unprotected or use a bulky, oversized sleeve.

Our Solution

Preferred Poly Products creates plastic card sleeves in any size you need. You can use these sleeves to keep business cards, vaccination cards, ID cards, and other documents safe and organized. We can also add custom elements to these, such as notches for lanyards or thumb cutouts, allowing you to easily remove cards from their protective covering. 


Colored plastic is available to create opacity or clear plastic that makes documents easy to read or scan.

Benefits and Features

Any business that needs to protect, preserve, archive, or organize documents, booklets, cards, or other materials may not find what they need very easily. Many options are only manufactured using standard dimensions. 


Also, they may be manufactured using materials that will eventually damage the very items they are supposed to protect.


Fortunately, Preferred Poly Products offers a better alternative. Businesses that choose us for their document protection and preservation needs enjoy the following benefits:

Custom Sizes Shapes and Colors

Bespoke customization services allow us to create the exact document covering you need for your documents, booklets, cards, or other paper materials. This includes:


  • Sleeves of any and all dimensions 

  • A selection of colors with the option of different colors for each size

  • Custom shapes to fit items not made for standard sleeves or envelopes


You can create printed products in any shape and size to meet your business needs or conform to your branding. We’ll make the plastic sleeve you need to protect it.

Solutions for Document Preservation

There are two critical considerations when it comes to preserving and protecting documents. The first is to keep documents and printing safe from exposure to moisture and light. The second is to protect items from the effects of handling. To that end, we offer:


  • Polyethylene material that prevents ink bleeding or lifting

  • Transparent options that allow documents to be read without excessive handling

  • Sturdy protection against many spills and some rain (sleeves are open on one end, thus not totally waterproof)


Our products help you preserve and protect your company’s most important documents.

Plastic Sleeves That Empower Businesses to Get the Job Done

Preferred Poly Products is a wholesale document protection/document preservation solutions provider. We create plastic sleeves that can hold up to 20 sheets of paper, along with other fully customizable options. Our purpose is to help businesses in the public and private sectors keep important documents safe and organized.  Curious how we can help?  Call us at  860-377-8219.

Preferred Poly, Connecticut


Preferred Poly Products, formerly known as The Kage Company, has been making polyethylene document protection envelopes, sleeves, and jackets in Manchester, Connecticut for nearly 70 years. 



Our envelopes are made of either 8-mil or 4-mil Polyethylene (8-mil is the most popular). 


We pride ourselves on our ability to create custom-size envelopes as small as 2-inch by 2-inch envelope up to 40-inches by 44-inches.


All our products are made in the USA with American-made materials. 

Preferred Poly producers of custom poly envelopes & sleeves


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Business Offices



Schools & Universities

Town Halls and Government Offices


Preferred Poly Products LLC, 96 Elm Street, Manchester, CT 06040

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