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Preferred Poly custom poly protection envelopes & sleeves

Plastic Sleeves For All Industries

Our custom poly products can help almost any industry.

Plastic Document Sleeves:  Industries and Use

We provide plastic document sleeves, protective covers, and envelopes to businesses in various industries. Our products also serve a range of purposes, and we’ve included a list of industries below, along with several specific use cases.

Industries We Serve 

We are the wholesale supplier of plastic sheet protectors, envelopes, custom card sleeves, and other document protection products for companies in a variety of industries. 


Our products help businesses ensure that their documents are safely preserved in any situation.

Banking and Finance

Banks order custom plastic envelopes in 4.5” x 9” dimensions to store and protect tri-fold documents. Many also order products to hold passbooks or bankbooks. These items are largely proprietary products, and we can create sleeves in the exact shape and size. 


Financial documents must often be stored and distributed with privacy and security in mind. Because of this, many financial institutions choose our translucent or fully opaque sleeves. We can also make protective coverings that are a different color on each side.


Our plastic card sleeves are also a very popular choice among customers in the financial industry. We offer these in any size. However, the 2.5” x 3.5” are ideal for credit and debit cards.

Federal State and Local Governments

Government agencies at every level are responsible for many important legal and historical documents. These must be retained in good condition and made available on-demand in many instances. Products such as archival document sleeves are perfect for this purpose.


Preferred Poly Products has provided state and municipal agencies in Texas with 8.75” x 11.5” archival document sleeves. These sleeves protect important records, such as birth and death certificates (also manufactured and available in legal size). When citizens need these records, the originals are likely to be very safe and legible, even many years later.


Genealogists, researchers, and archivists appreciate being able to access public records that have been properly stored and protected, as well. They can conduct their research easily when items can be located and read without much difficulty.


In addition to being a source for birth and death records, many local and county government offices offer passport services. They can order our passport covers in bulk to ensure that every citizen’s documents are kept safe from the elements and stored without fear of damage.


Governments can also use plastic envelopes to protect and organize court records, property documents, and other paperwork. These polyethylene products help protect documents from damage caused by handling or exposure to the elements. 


Our plastic document covers are preferable to many other products on the market because they don’t cause the ink to smear or stick to the plastic.

Educational Institutions

Schools and universities use plastic card sleeves, sheet protectors, and envelopes for various applications. They are used to protect paper copies of student transcripts and records. 


Additionally, you can use our envelopes and sleeves to protect lesson plans, schedules, and itineraries. They are particularly useful on field trips or physical education courses where documents may be taken outside and exposed to the weather.


Schools can also distribute these products directly to students. They can then use sheet protectors, card sleeves, and envelopes to protect their own records or academic works.


Plastic card protectors are becoming a popular item because many colleges and universities offer on-site COVID-19 testing and other medical services. These are also useful for carrying student identification cards, smart keys for dorm rooms, and campus debit cards.


Finally, universities are often home to collections of essays, research papers, historical documents, and other items that need to be archived appropriately. 


This process ensures that documents can’t be damaged through handling as the oils and dirt on human hands can cause harm over time. Our plastic covering protects human touch, spills, and other mishaps.

Healthcare Industry

Currently, custom card sleeves are in high demand in the healthcare industry, as they are ideal for holding COVID-19 vaccination cards. However, there are other uses for plastic sheet protectors in hospitals, pharmacies, and medical centers. 


These products can be custom-made to hold medical records, prescriptions, physicians orders, and other documents. 


Plastic card sleeves are also a popular choice for identification cards and standard immunization records. These products are preferable to lamination as the cards can be taken in and out of the plastic as needed.


Document preservation and organization are also key components in delivering better healthcare services. Sheet protectors and other items allow patients' records to be accessible to their care team. 


Our sheet protectors also keep these vital records together and safe from accidental damage. This level of organization can reduce errors and delays in providing effective care.

Manufacturing and Technology

Businesses in manufacturing and tech use our plastic sheet protectors to protect work orders and other documents. Our products shield these items from spills, rain, and other elements in factories, warehouses, and out in the field.


AT&T (one of our customers) has bulk-ordered plastic document protection sleeves for their field technicians. They order a custom product with a clear front cover that allows technicians to read their work orders. At the same time, the plastic sleeve keeps documents together and protects them from the elements.


Even when work is done indoors, warehouses and manufacturing facilities may contain various chemicals, reach extreme hot and cold temperatures, and produce a significant amount of dust. All of these things can be damaging to product specifications, technical documents, customer order sheets, and other paperwork. Plastic protectors provide an important barrier between these documents and the elements. By ensuring important, proprietary documents are protected, these companies save a significant amount in potential lost time and money. 

Custom Sleeves and Envelopes for Other Industries

Any company with a need to preserve or protect booklets, papers, cards, and other important business materials should strongly consider Preferred Poly Products. 


Our polyethylene products are your solution of choice. These plastic envelopes, cardholders, and sleeves are durable, come in different colors, and can be custom-fabricated to fit items with any dimensions. 


Preferred Poly Products helps businesses keep items safe and secure in the office when distributed to customers or out in the field.  Curious how we can help your needs?  Give our office at 860-377-8219 to discuss a custom solution designed for your situation.   

Preferred Poly, Connecticut


Preferred Poly Products, formerly known as The Kage Company, has been making polyethylene document protection envelopes, sleeves, and jackets in Manchester, Connecticut for nearly 70 years. 



Our envelopes are made of either 8-mil or 4-mil Polyethylene (8-mil is the most popular). 


We pride ourselves on our ability to create custom-size envelopes as small as 2-inch by 2-inch envelope up to 40-inches by 44-inches.


All our products are made in the USA with American-made materials. 

Preferred Poly producers of custom poly envelopes & sleeves


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Business Offices



Schools & Universities

Town Halls and Government Offices


Preferred Poly Products LLC, 96 Elm Street, Manchester, CT 06040

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